28 Jan 2019

Follow your passion and go for it!

That was one theme as current and former honorees in The Arizona Republic’s and azcentral.com’s 35 Entrepreneurs 35 & Younger competition gathered Tuesday to recognize the 2014 winners at a networking breakfast.

Members of the group also shared their advice for business success.

“Have a no-fail mindset,” suggested Bogi Lateiner, 36, owner of 180 Degrees Automative auto repair shop in Phoenix and a 2011 winner. “Failure is not an option. Know it’s going to be a roller coaster. But the highs are worth the lows.”

“Never give up,” was advice offered by Ernesto Carrizoza, 33, of Tucson, a 2014 winner, who ownsMovement Marketing, a full-service ad agency.

Dawnyel Smink, 39, a 2009 winner and owner of Canyon Lands Insurance in Mesa, had this advice: “Never get too high. Never get too low. Stay on a baseline that will keep you moving forward. The ups and downs will take you longer, so stay on a straight line.”

Greg Rudolph, 22, a 2013 winner who owns Board Blazers of Scottsdale, said if you hit a roadblock, “You can find anything with Google and a few phone calls.”

Michael Seaver, 34, who owns Seaver Consulting in Chandler, also was a 2013 honoree. Seaver’s advice: “Helping people get a strong foundation and work toward a longer goal has allowed me and the clients I serve to unlock their potential faster.”

Dallin Harris, 29, owner of Skyhook internet marketing in Mesa and a 2012 winner, said that owning a business is a lot of work. Therefore, he said, it’s essential to “follow your passion.”

“If you don’t love what you’re doing — if you’re just in it for the money — you’ll never have what it takes to succeed.”

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