03 Aug 2016
Facbook Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising & Facebook


Digital marketing is one of the most successful tools in promoting a business today. In this day and age, with technology and the Internet always on the rise, marketing through digital advertising is key in maximizing your reach. However, with frightening statistics recently released with regards to fraudulent advertising, it is important to choose wisely when selecting a marketing strategy for your business.


According to recent reports, for every $3 spent on digital advertising, approximately $1 is going to fraudulent advertising. One of the biggest forms of fraud in advertising are bots, or nonhuman traffic. According to Adam Epstein, the COO of adMarketplace, this is because it is less expensive to get a page view from a bot than it is to get views from a human. Social media sites are taking on this dilemma with full steam ahead. In the past year, Facebook launched an operation to remove all fake profiles and wage war against bots. Millions of profiles were deleted and many high profile users and celebrities like Justin Bieber lost millions of followers, proving just how large this problem had grown. It is because of such efforts that social media sites like Facebook are becoming increasingly safer and more important to include in a digital marketing campaign for your business. The less fake profiles and bots infiltrating your advertising, the more accurate the results.


Making its start as a social networking site for college students to connect with one another, Facebook has now become one of the most rapidly growing forms of social media available today. With approximately 1.59 billion active monthly users and 1.03 billion active daily users, there are about 20,000 Facebook users online at every second with the average user spending about 40 minutes per day on the site. With an audience this large, it can be extremely beneficial to use Facebook as a part of a social media marketing campaign for your business. In fact, Facebook is among the top 3 social media sites used by marketers today, with approximately 70% reporting success in gaining new customers.


A social media campaign on Facebook begins with understanding your target audience and what your business intends to promote. The next step is to create attractive and engaging content for your page that stays on target and maintains consistency with the brand. Quality takes precedence over quantity in this area of Facebook advertising as statistics have shown that posting 1-2 times a day, rather than more frequent postings, generates approximately 73% more comments and 32% more “Likes”. Photos and videos also add to building the network, increased engagement, and leads to more posts shared.


To sum it all up, traditional advertising is currently in the process of a transition into the digital age. With marketing and advertising becoming increasingly more digital it is important to incorporate into a campaign for successful brand growth. It is projected that by the year 2017, US digital advertising will reach over $37 billion dollars, with about 33% being accounted for by Facebook and Twitter. With approximately 93% of marketers today using social media to promote a business, studies have shown that “socially devoted” brands generate about 3.5 times the amount of user interaction. These numbers are on the rise and are leading the marketing and advertising world to stop and think — What can social media do for your business?

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